We deliver for smaller events

If you wish to purchase our products for your event, we deliver your needs with an aesthetically pleasing bottle to showcase for your customers or guests. Whether it’s a Friday-bar or one-time gala-event.
Also, if you wish to make a reoccurring deal for a discount, please contact us.

We deliver for bigger events or festivals
Armed with creativity and craftsmanship, we are able to roll out a crowd of personnel and craft to bring the best stall to your playground. From making creative cocktails with our private bartenders, utilizing our art-network to create something very special or simply bringing the best-in-market alcopops to your customers or guests, we are ready.

We arrange
We host our events together with people, companies and unions that want to make a difference. By using a collaborative and collectivistic mindset, we aim to bring people with visions and missions closer to their goals. Either by supporting them, working with them or providing the platform for growth.

For more information contact:
Christian Nordbeck
+45 28 15 23 05