Ægte Studio is a design studio based in Aarhus.

We are founded by five guys with five very different backgrounds. Being a multidisciplinary company, we have no place inside the box. We create, explore, and unfold the world around us. Through design and creativity, we aim to help the world becoming more diverse, embedding aesthetics into our work and culture. We believe that the synergetic effects of objects and people create new possibilities and we always strive to deliver a new take on the future. No matter the project or the purpose. Ægte Studio revolves around its values, integrating the values in every work and project. We push the world of design and aesthetics forward, creating new takes on products and businesses.

What is a poptail?

At Ægte Studio we believe that our products are something different than anything you’ve tasted before. Therefore, we’ve invented our own product category within the field of alcoholic beverages, and given it the name poptail. For us, a poptail is the sweet blend between a refreshing alcopop and an exciting cocktail.  The word poptail itself, derives from the word “pop”, meaning something that pops when you open it, with champagne-like bubbles, but still something very different than a premade standard cocktail.

Our poptail has roots in the nature of Scandinavia and brings a combination of flavours from around the world, this is our take on an organic alcopop free from artificial flavours. All of our beverages are made from all-natural ingredients. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their unique flavor and on behalf of the quality. We strive to use as local commodities as possible and ensure that we comply with the norms from European Agriculture. The aromas used in our beverages are carefully extracted from organic natural botanicals such as verbena, apple and tea – to obtain a familiar but yet surprisingly refreshing taste. The flavor is designed to please and surprise. Our bottles are created together with artists from Denmark, combining their unique artwork with our labels. By doing this, we bring these artists to new heights and embed their design in our everyday life. When combining a unique design from highly talented artists with flavours rooted in the Nordic kitchen, you will discover that an organic alcopop can be something out of the ordinary.

Our poptails are brewed and mixed in larger tanks at Skanderborg Bryghus, which is one of the leading brewing companies in the northern Europe. This ensures the best quality and taste every time.

Serve icecold, drink responsibly – and have a Perfect Day!

What does ægte mean
Ægte [εgdə] is Danish and means ‘true’. It’s “something that is what it seems to be (whatever someone claims it is), with the good qualities that characterise the person concerned. The opposite is something false or ‘uægte’. Ægte means being original, i.e. not an imitation of some kind. Something that is sincere and unconditional. Natural and honest. Being ægte is about staying true to yourself and all the aspects of it. We believe that this core value of being ‘ægte’ is one of the most essential virtues in this world. Back in the days, to make someone your ‘ægtefælle’ also meant to marry someone. Everytime we work, people engage with us. It’s about sharing the experience of being ‘ægte’, engaging and combining each other’s strengths to create a tighter knot and strengthen the bonds. It’s about creating relationships across different cultures and people like one big marriage with the people of the world.

For more information contact:
Christian Nordbeck
+45 28 15 23 05